Are the big fish of the ERP world using minnows for implementation?

Many choose the most well known ERP brands because they are perceived to be the ones that have the most resources to implement an organization  ERP solution and provide ongoing service and maintenance. But what if this is not the case? What if the biggest brands are using smaller, less well-resourced third party companies to implement their ERP solutions? What does that mean for your organisation?

Are the best known ERP brands using minnows for implementation?

When you review figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in August 2013, you see that approximately 95% of  companies that appear under the ITC Industry employ 19 people or less.  The ITC industry (or Information & Communication Technologies) is a category that includes companies that implement ERP systems. What this means is that in all likelihood, the Australian company that is implementing and maintaining your internationally renowned and supported ERP system probably has a team of less than 19 people. All of a sudden implementing an International brand ERP solution isn’t looking as well supported as you may have thought.

Something smells fishy

ERP software is not word processing software. It is designed in such a way that it can be customised and configured to suit the culture and needs of individual organisations. That is why, on average, half the cost (or more) of purchasing ERP systems can be in the implementation. If your day to day dealings are with the implementation company, then shouldn’t your focus be on finding the best resourced and most experienced implementation company, that has the greatest understanding of the ERP solutions they represent, rather than on the international brand with whom you will probably have little or no direct dealings?