About us

Our company is an innovative and leading Asian original mid-range ERP solution provider. The company’s ERP software business was started in year 2002 with the primary business philosophy of providing quality ERP software system to mid-size and large-size companies, at an affordable price, and with the required enterprise level features and capabilities.

Using web-based technology, we have deployed end-to-end technology solutions to both multinational companies as well as local enterprises in the region.

Our company has been developing enterprise intelligent solutions for over 10 years. As a locally-based firm, all our solutions are developed by our in-house R&D team with emphasis on local business requirements.


about-globe3• To assist companies to resolve business issues and problems through the implementation of intelligent technology at a cost-effective price.
• To provide end-to-end solution that unlocks the true potential of your business by providing a tailored, integrated, affordable, dependable business-critical ERP system.

ERP Specialist
• Our company is a pure ERP specialist vendor with over 10 years of experience in rolling out tailored ERP systems for businesses from 10 users to 200 users in a wide range of industries.
• Our consultants and engineers have all the necessary skillsets and expertise to understand your business issues and provide an end-to-end solution to your company.